Bikers Make Light Up Jackets To Illuminate The Berlin Night

Cyclist collective Trafo Pop swarm the streets in homemade LED vests, lighting up the night as they go.

Everybody knows nothing beats a good bike ride after sunset. Cruising through the town, a cool breeze on your face, reliving those teenage years when all this was fields—and of course, everybody also knows that everything is always improved by adding LEDs.

Clearly, the guys and gals over at Trafo Pop Bike Club understand this rule and spend evenings journeying about the after hours streets of Berlin, with custom made jackets ablaze with LEDs and lights to give the good people of the city something to stare at when they're supping their night time beer. 

By day, members of the collective work as professional artists in a variety of fields in and around their home town of Berlin. As Trafo Pop, however, they convene to make and wear light-up jackets, incorporating wearable computers and LEDs to set the streets alight with custom light shows strapped to their backs, which they tour around the city on bikes.

In order to bring these jackets to life, they make use of a wide variety of tools, "from grandma's sewing needle to state-of-the-art laser cutters." However, the goal of Trafo Pop isn't simply to make and display their high-tech fashions to the German passersby. Although that is incredibly important.

The group is also trying to build a sustainable community where novices can come and learn how to make their own jackets, seasoned veterans can exchange ideas, and everybody can enjoy a nice ride together.

The group occasionally hold workshops where people can come and make their own jackets—all materials and tutelage provided! If you're in the area and interested in joining the fun, make sure to check out their next workshop, September 14th-15h at Fab Lab Berlin.