Behold This 3D Printed Transformer Robot

<p>It&#8217;s totally a robot in disguise.</p>

3D printing has accomplished many things and will no doubt go on to accomplish heaps more. But let’s all take a moment to pause, take stock, and admire the achievement in the video above: a 3D printed robotic Transformer. Built by Brave Robotics, it turns from a swanky looking sports car into a robot that can shuffle forwards and even fire little darts out of its arms.

It can then turn back into a car and steer around and even has a wifi camera on it so you can see what the world’s like from a Transformer’s perspective. There’s no sign yet of a miniature Shia LaBeouf to go along with it though. If nothing else, it tells us that kids in the future are going to be totally spoiled when it comes to cool toys.

[via Wired]