Behind the Scenes of Fables — A Film Opera

<p>Mira Calix, Flat-E, and Streetwise reunite to produce a transmedia masterpiece.</p>

Composer Mira Calix chose the popular fable The Boy Who Cried Wolf as her inspiration for the half film, half operatic performance hybrid Fables —A Film Opera premiering tomorrow night at Shoreditch Church in London. Just like in My Secret Heart, Calix has teemed up with her old collaborators, filmmakers Flat-e and Streetwise Opera performers to produce her 7-minute portion of the event in which she breaks from her electronic music background and embraces a cappella. The other fables included in the piece are The Nightingale and the Rose, Hey! Come on Out, and The Hartlepool Monkey. The video component will tour festivals and theaters worldwide following tomorrow night’s debut. Find out why Calix choose The Boy Who Cried Wolf in the video above. Hopefully she’ll inspire you to make your own mischief out of boredom.

[Via Spitalfields Music and Streetwise Opera]