Beatsurfing, A Geometric, Multi-Colored Revolution In Sound Control Interfaces, Is Out Today

<p>Finally out of beta testing, the Beatsurfing iPad app is set to change the beat-making world.</p>

A couple of months back, we introdcued you to Beatsurfing, an iPad app that turns traditional music production software on its head, shifting away from traditional knob-twisting and instead opening the door to swipe motions applied to geometric shapes, with which you can control multiple parameters with a single movement.

Since then, Beatsurfing has been in beta testing, and today it’s finally ready to be unleashed upon the beat-making world. If you’ve got a device that can be controlled via MIDI, you can set up the Beatsurfing interface and, within minutes, you’ll be engulfed in the colorful world of the Line, the Circle, the Polygon, and the Fader—the basic building blocks that make up the interface.

You can download the app at the iTunes store, and below see a series of screen shots depicting some of the possible surfaces you can set up to control your sounds. Read our in-depth interview with the app’s creator with an explanation of how it works to help get you started.