Avey Tare Hosts "Transmission 3" Of Animal Collective Radio This Sunday Night

<p>With guest mixes from The Blackouts, Ghost Capital, and Atlas Sound.</p>

This Sunday brings us Animal Collective’s third installment of Animal Collective Radio, the series of radio-style mixes leading up to the release of their new album Centipede Hz, hosted by members of the band and featuring playlists from some of their taste-making affiliates. “Transmission 1,” led by Panda Bear, featured an eclectic blend of songs from Black Dice, Sublime Frequencies, and Haunted Graffiti. Deakin headed up “Transmission 2,” joined by Pantha du Prince, DoodCast, and Turquoise Wisdom for a journey into the depths of psychedelia.

Listen to “Transmission 1” here.

Listen to “Transmission 2” here.

Which brings us to “Transmission 3,” going live this Sunday, hosted by Animal Collective’s Avey Tare. He’s bringing along The Blackouts, Ghost Capital, and Atlas Sound, for a stew of music that spans from Bollywood to boom-bap hip hop.

Tune in here this Sunday at 9 PM EST to listen to “Transmission 3.”

Remember, you can produce your own show for Animal Collective Radio. All you have to do is create a mix using your song picks and sounds from the package Animal Collective has kindly provided, and upload it to your Mixcloud page with the phrase “Centipede Radio” in the title and the tag “Animal Collective YouMix.” We made one, and you should too! Find a comprehensive set of instructions on how to contribute your mix here.

Following their broadcast on the first transmission of Animal Collective Radio, we spoke with Black Dice to find out exactly what we heard in their mysterious set.

The Creators Project: Can you give us a quick rundown of some of the highlights of your set for “Transmission 1”?
Black Dice: Hmm, don’t remember it all. It starts with Annette, I think (she’s at least in there somewhere), there’s some reggae you already caught, a song called “Elephant walk” from pittsburgh, Marvin Gaye. I can’t remember what else.

Since the mix doesn’t have a particular title, what would you call this collection of tracks if you had to name it?
“Black Dice Mix for Animal Collective Radio.” Or maybe something better like “Be Damned for Rock.”

The songs on your mix sound pretty crispy, are these gems from your vinyl collection, or did you crunch up digital files? Where’d you find this stuff?
In the Dice world, we still cater to cassette culture in its crudest forms. Every few weeks, one of us will bring in some new mix. And for the most part, we just take a mini-out from a computer and rip from youtube, lo-res (old computers). So what you hear is a cassette dub of youtube, played in real time back into a computer (aka, the long road).

The transitional sounds are pretty warped and crazy. Did you use Animal Collective’s method to make those, or did you employ your own wizardry?
I don’t know their method. But we’ve got our own method—primiarily, it was a recording of a sculpture Black Dice made for a museum in Lisbon, Portugal. Our piece is called “Scrambled Eggs.” The idea is primarily to continually strangle radio. The transitions are edits from that.

What exactly are we hearing going into that Toots and the Maytals song? Did you add extra monkey screeches on top? How about for “Got to give it up”?
Added monkey screeches? There’s a little DJ interruption at times, but I don’t remember extra monkey howls. I think it’s from the song that proceeds it.

Any subliminal messages hidden in there that you’d like to take this opportunity to make liminal?
Naw, mixtapes are pretty innocent gestures.