Augmented Reality App Helps The Lonely Get Virtual Dates

<p>Finally, AR gets put to some good use.</p>

For the desperate and unlucky in the world of real-world dating, virtual help will be coming in the form of an augmented reality girlfriend. Konami's latest LovePlus dating sim game—which offers many of the experiences you can have in the real world except, you know—will soon be available for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan. It’ll mean you can set up dates with an AR companion from the LovePlus database and she’ll diligently wait for you wherever you agree to meet in a new function called Dokodemo Date (Date Anywhere).

From sgcafe.com:

This augmented-reality (AR) feature takes a photo of your physical surroundings with the 3DS's back-facing lenses, analyses the data, before inserting your chosen virtual girlfriend right into the shot, where they'll animate and play around in 3D space…

Did you hear that? Was that the sound of society crumbling? Nah. It just means that right after you’ve virtually tortured innocent civilians to death on the new Call of Duty release you can head off for your AR date and add a couple more worry wrinkles to your parents’ foreheads. So when’s the US/European release?

[via Beyond the Beyond]