Audiovisual Art Meets Traditional Architecture In This Mapping Projection

<p>A French A/V collective created a lovely 3D mapping performance on a typical lovely French scenery.</p>

1minute69 are a multi-faceted collective that draws together collaborations between artists of various disciplines through digital art. United by a playful desire to immerse the spectator in an engaging and interactive universe that stimulates the imagination, the collective’s artists play on illusion, working with the idea of representation through the mediums of performance, audiovisual installations, architectural projections and video scenography.

They’ve been multiplying their experimental audiovisual performances in the past couple of years. With their recent project B0DYSC4PES, for example, this “new media” spirit is particularly evident. The interactive visual experience makes use of the human body as both material and canvas for an artistic medium.

1minute69 also put to use their projection proficiency in large scale architectural mapping. Last month, the Ecomusée d'Alsace, a museum set in the east of France, was illuminated in one such project. The immersive audiovisual creation was specifically designed to augment the museum’s historic architectural structure, a design that is uniquely emblematic of traditional French rural homes (and is, in fact, an authentic French village that was dismantled and reconstructed). The result is a poetic and artistic venture that poignantly juxtaposes the old and the new, the rustic and the futuristic. The traditional Alsacien timber framing houses make for an unusual projection mapping canvas, but despite the uncanny encounter, the projections work quite well, slowly revealing, enlightening, and dignifying the age-old structures with the most high-tech techniques.