Atmospheric Short Film Follows A Forest Creature Captivated By A Mysterious Glow

<p>David Elwell and Gareth Hughes&#8217; <i>Gloam</i> features a woodland beast made from tree bark.</p>

Gloam from We Are The Forest on Vimeo.

It’s Friday, for sure, but before the weekend begins, let’s just take it down a level and take a moment to reflect. Put yourselves in a more meditative mood before the festival of hedonism that is Friday night begins, and do that with this atmospheric short film, Gloam (which, according to dictionary.com, means “the time of day immediately following sunset”), from David Elwell and Gareth Hughes.

It features a strange forest creature—looking like he’s made from tree bark, has bright eyes, and antlers growing out of his head—wandering around a dark woodland when he’s suddenly transfixed by a glowing form that keeps appearing and driving our protagonist onwards, as you would.

There’s not much plot here, so it’s all about the mood and atmos created via the ambient audio and affecting animation that keeps you watching.

And a “making of” below:

[via Vimeo]