Artist Opens Up a Wormhole Inside a Giant Dome

Mathieu Le Sourd, a.k.a. Maotik, unleashes footage of his audiovisual installation 'Omnis' coming to life in Lima.

Despite what Christopher Nolan might have you believe, you don't have to go to Saturn to get sucked inside a wormhole—just stop by Omnis, an audiovisual installation by artist Mathieu Le Sourd, a.k.a. Maotik, that transforms a giant dome at Peru's Visiones Festival into a warping tunnel of light and sound. Combined with bone-shaking music from sound designer Metametric, Maotik's generative optical illusions fill the building with a spectacle so mind-bending that Matthew McConaughey-style laughcrying is a wholly acceptable reaction.

The Creators Project Spain covered Omnis' appearance at MiRA Festival, explaining that Maotik's goal with the installation is to communicate "the ability to be everywhere." Now, the artist has released full-dome of the installation shot by Visiones founder Jose Carlos Reyna, sharing the immersive aspect of the wormhole experience with the web, rather than just the attendees of Live Cinema(Rio), Mutek (Mexico), FullDomeUk (Leicester), Mira (Barcelona), and Plums Fest (Moscow), who previously got to experience it in person.

When he's not enveloping audiences in impossible physical phenomena, Maotik uses scientific concepts to wow in other ways, including the creation of an "artificially intelligent" installation, a celebration of acceleration, and a "telepresence" between two different continents. Check out Omnis below:

Screenshots via, by Jose Carlos

Check out Maotik's website for more stunning new media art.


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