Artist JR Photographed A Troupe Of Ballet Dancers 180 Feet Above Paris

JR's creativity soars to new heights with this photoshoot atop the Palais Garnier

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JR's done it again: by scaling the rooftops of Paris' Palais Garnier opera house with 40 ballet dancers, the artist and creator of the viral Inside Out Project has come up with yet another set of stunning images. Adorned in polka-dotted leotards from Les Bosquets, his ballet collaboration with Woodkid, Lil Buck, and the New York City Ballet, the dancers posed where the city meets the sky for a photoshoot for French magazine Madame Figaro

Back in 2011, JR's desire to change the world through art won him the TED Prize. “Art is not supposed to change the world, to change practical things, but to change perceptions. Art can change the way we see the world. Art can create an analogy,” he said in his TED Talk. Since then, he's been hard at work photographing massive murals and directing his first ballet

See if you can spot the leotard-based optical illusion in the stunning shots of the dancers below, and visit JR's Au Panthéon installation at the Paris Panthéon through October 5:

Visit JR's website to dive into the artist's inspiring body of work, and check out our interview with JR from earlier this year.


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