Artist Dissects The GIF With Series Of Looped Projections

Deceptively simple real life GIFs animate the machines that keep life moving.

The pumping of a piston, like the beating of a heart and the rotation of the Earth around the Sun, is the inspiration for an new installation projecting live GIFs onto the walls of an art cafe in Berlin. 

Artist Adomas Žudys, also known as awk, composed the mesmerizing loops from hand-drawn stencils for his looping animations. Altogether he made 75 separate stencils, 20 for the heart, 21 for the piston, and 24 for Earth. As the handmade GIFs loop ad infinitum, the display is surrounded by the original stencils simply and effectively, showing all the moving parts that, seen together, fool the naked eye into seeing life.

The piston, heart, and Earth seem almost synonymous in the installation; each object's endless animation is necessary for our society's forward momentum. "I wanted it to symbolize engines of the universe, the world, everything that's moving in cycles," says Žudys.

Maybe the fact that all three loops can be contained in 75 stencils tells us something about the simpilicities of living—we'd pontificate, but we're way too mesmerized by these awesome animations right now. Stay tuned, maybe we'll figure it out... tomorrow.

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