Art-Mazing: 90s Game Show Inspires Online Exhibition

<p><i>Il Labirinto di Cristallo</i> is a new group exhibition inspired by The Crystal Maze.</p>

Alexandra Gorczynski’s Low Tide, featured in the exhibition’s Oceano section

If you grew up in the 1990s, there are a few cultural touchstones you’ll have in common with other children of that era. They may come in the form of pizza-loving anthropomorphic kung-fu turtles, or perhaps a sky-skinned eco-warrior, or maybe The Crystal Maze. The latter was a curious British game show that had a scolding Richard O’Brien as host and dimwitted, floundering numbskulls as contestants. These contestants had to clamber about, solving physical puzzles to earn “time crystals” in four themed zones: Medieval, Futuristic, Aztec, and Industrial.

Now, this isn’t just a chance to get all sentimental about a misspent youth watching low-concept game shows, it’s also the basis of an online exhibition called Il Labirinto di Cristallo. Hosted by online gallery bubblebyte.org, the group show runs from today until 2nd September 2011. Featuring work from some of our fav net and visual artists like Parker Ito, Sabrina Ratté, Anatoliy Demidov, and loads more, the show categorizes the works along the themes of Oceano, Futuro, Industriale and Azteca, inspired by the aforementioned game show.

The curatorial thrust of the exhibition is to display “stressing and stretching visual possibilities in a playful and kaleidoscope mode that flirts with space and time displacement.” The work that they’ve compiled to achieve this purpose is, as you might expect, multimedia, featuring abstract videos, surreal gifs, and even an impressionistic morphing ocean. And the great thing about it, as well as featuring some fantastic work, is it’s free and easy to get to—you can experience it without having to leave the comfort of your swivel chair. An exhibition for lazy people, that’s just a click away. We’ll see you there, BYOB.

[via Triangulation Blog]