Apple Trees, Vinegar, Fruit Baskets, And Coins Become Unusual But Effective Batteries

<p>School science project meets surrealism in these mysterious images.</p>

Most of us are happy to get our batteries in the form of battery cells that we can pick up at the local grocery store so they can run out of energy in a matter of days. Not photographer Caleb Charland—instead he’s fond of wiring 300 apples together on an apple tree to power a lamp, even if it does take him 11 hours to setup.

Other strange battery concoctions he’s invented and shot with his camera include a vinegar battery, a fruit battery that also doubles as a still life, and a stack of coins to power an LED. The resulting long-exposure photographs have a kind of mysterious, surreal power (don’t excuse that pun)—they’re part mad scientist, part school science project (which is where he got the inspiration from).

You can find out more about how he did it in the video above and see the images below.

Lamp powered by 300 live apples, 2012

Coin Battery, 2010

Vinegar Battery, 2011

Vinegar Battery, 2011

Caleb Charland will have an installation at the Findlay Market, Cincinnati this summer and at the Brancolini Grimaldi gallery in London this fall.

[via Colossal]