Aphex Twin Picks Up Where Steven Reich Left Off With His New Orchestral Piece

<p><i>Interactive Tuned Feedback Pendulum Array</i> builds upon Reich’s classic <i>Pendulum Music</i>.</p>

The spectral electronic presence that is Aphex Twin returns to the performance arena this fall with a show at London’s Barbican Hall. But this isn’t just any Aphex Twin performance, even if there never was such a thing as a “normal” Aphex Twin show.

As he previously did in Poland (see video above), Aphex Twin will be performing his Interactive Tuned Feedback Pendulum Array, a piece played by an orchestra and what appears to be a troop of professional mouth-clickers, all composed and conducted by the man himself via remote control. We don’t have the full story on this as yet, but it appears that he controls the visualization available to all 28 pieces of the Heritage Orchestra, who follow the tonal patterns displayed while the voice component adds to the aural wall.

You probably won’t hear “Analog Bubblebath” or “54 Cymru Beats” at this show, but you will get to see the grandmaster of electronic music exercising his conductor muscle. We’d take any chance to step inside his brain space.

[via: Fact]