Aphex Twin Gets Body Dysmorphic Kinect-Powered Visuals

<p>Weirdcore integrates Flight404&#8217;s Kinect experiments into his real-time visuals for <span class="caps">AFX</span>.</p>

Our friend Weirdcore, who does visuals for Aphex Twin, Cassette Playa, and MIA, notified us that his latest video from Aphex’s NYE show in Rome was up online. The wild visuals that accompanied Aphex’s music were created with the help of GFX programming from Flight404, Andrew Benson, Vade, Toneburst, and Art-tek. Weirdcore used Flight404’s (aka Robert Hodgin who we spoke to about his Kinect experiments a few weeks back) 3D point clouds and variations on his bulbous real-time body dysmorphia project.

The Kinect is fast becoming the tool of choice for live visual performances—last week we saw it used for British Sea Power’s online AR-enhanced gig, and Riley Harmon used it a few months back as a live performance tool for gesture controlled visuals. Weirdcore incorporated the Kinect visuals with visual feeds from QC, MaxMSP/Jitter, VDMX, and v002 and, as always, shots of the crowd, this time with twisted ghostly 3D face mapping. The heady visuals mixed with Aphex Twin’s warped audio makes for an intoxicating performance, and it’s great to see these Kinect bedroom experiments getting some exposure as real-time visuals for live shows.