Animator Ray Lei Hits the Arts Festival Circuit

<p>The Creator shows off various of his other skills.</p>

Chinese animating kingpin Ray Lei has recently been in Europe promoting his work and stamping his indelible pencil mark on global animation. His project Magic Cube and Ping-Pong—a love story where magic cube-headed boy meets like-headed girl—was recently shown at the Stuttgart International Animation Festival, and once he’d wowed the enraptured crowds with that he was off animating Paris, Belgium, and Amsterdam with his emotional and vibrant works, and charming Europe’s eyes and minds with his hand drawn uniquely wonderful content driven work.

Another of Lei’s animations, The Universe Cotton, will be shown in at the CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival on June 5. But it’s not just Europe that gets the pleasure of his charismatic work. Below is a list of film festivals he’s been invited to—go and check him out if you are anywhere near these cities, you won’t be disappointed.

June 19-17: Melbourne International Animation Festival, Australia
July8-28 : Montreal’s FanTasia International Film Festival, Canada
August: InDPanda Short Film Festival in Hong Kong, China
August 27 – September 6: London International Animation Festival, United Kingdom
September 10-19: Milano Film Festival, Milan, Italy