Afternoon Animation: New Stop Motion Film Pays Homage To Wooly Willy, Dramatic Cuts And Creative Facial Hair

Animator makes real-life version of one of our favorite childhood toys.

For those days when the hours just seem to drag by, nothing gets us motivated more than an interesting work of animation. Stop motion, claymation, neon technicolor dreamscapes-- with Afternoon Animation we're going to be focusing on the best, the brightest, or even just the most entertaining in current moving image. 

Case in point today's video: a ridiculous and goofy shout out the Wooly Willy games of our youth by Peter Simon (Petey Boy)Ballpoint Barber // Stop-motion Reverse Haircut and Beard-cut // Trim 2 has our protagonist going from total bald dome to a full-on golden Tarzan look in literally minutes. Though not exactly groundbreaking in terms of concept and vision, it's still highly enjoyable (and oddly mesmerizing) to watch.

Take a look at the video above for the full experience.

For more reverse haircuts, you check out Trim on Peteyboy.com.