What If Famous Filmmakers Were Houses?

What would a house designed by Stanley Kubrick look like?

The first step in any great film is figuring out the set design: the storyline, the characters, and the world they live in. It's easy to equate the job of a filmmaker to that of an architect, building a film from the ground up, brick by brick. Web designer Leonidas Mamais and illustrator Federico Sabina design and animate iconic houses that express famous director’s signature motifs. Through their website, Archdirectors, visitors can scroll over individual cartoon homes, each accompanied by a specific score, assigned to a selection of epochal filmmakers, from Hitchcock to Kubrick. The animated designs breathe life into a previous, static iteration of the series, illustrated by Babina alone. Thanks to the rebirth of the Archidirectors series, CSSDesignawards.com calls it, “A virtual theater where the scenography, animation, and music move through the history of film and architecture.”

Check out some of the cinematic homes in the video below.

Head over to the site, here.


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