Angelo Plessas Hosts "The Eternal Internet Brotherhood," An Internet Culture Summer Camp

<p>Forget the Olympics&#8212;Plessas&#8217; gathering from August 9-15 brings together some of the greatest minds in new media art.</p>

We love the artwork of Greece-based artist Angelo Plessas because his interactive, animated websites that explore concepts of writing or the self are incredibly detailed, beautiful, and often times musical.

Recently, he’s been working on a project called The Angelo Foundation, a non-profit arts organization that intends to “introduce new rules in artistic, educational, and institutional structures.” Founded by Plessas himself in 2007, the Foundation successfully organized a Music Summer School last year at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens, Greece. Activities at the school included poetry readings, sound compositions, and meditation sessions.

In a similar vein, The Angelo Foundation is hosting “The Eternal Internet Brotherhood,” a 5-day summer camp from August 9-15 that will host artists, curators, and writers who will work together to explore different aspects of online culture, in offline mode. Participants include Rafael Rozendaal, Billy Rennekamp , Petros Moris, and Travess Smalley, among others.

The Eternal Internet Brotherhood will take place on a secluded islet called Anafi off the coast of Mykonos, and will host events like workshops for internet craftsmanship, an animated GIF bazaar, magnet yoga sessions, and all participants are encouraged to create new works. For more information or to donate to the initiative, check out the event’s Indiegogo page.