And Now You Can Play Tetris On Your Shirt

We can only hope this is followed-up with an Asteroids V-neck.

Every Wednesday, Adafruit shares an awesome piece of technology-enabled clothing in their #WearableWednesday series, and this week's entry is making our gamer hearts melt with a dose of fabric softener. DIY tech enthusiast Marc Kerger made a T-Shirt enabled with 128 LEDs, Arduino, and some batteries, yielding a blinking, cotton Tetris board that is playable on the go. 

Kerger notes that the shirt was inspired by the Pumpkin Tetris project from Instructables (which we covered a few Halloween's ago), and the result is truly awesome. Can't play Snake or Flappy Birds on your commute due to a dead cell? No worries, your shirt's got you covered for some real, personalized entertainment. We can only hope Kerger follows this up with an Asteroids V-neck. Just be wary of getting food stains on this wearable gem.

For more awesome wearable projects, check out our documentary series Make It Wearable: The Concepts, as well as the Make It Wearable challenge—a year-long, global initiative to support the evolution of wearable tech.

h/t Adafruit


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