Analog Glitch Art: Abstract Photographs

<p>Reed Photography Professor Akihiko Miyoshi incorporates himself into photographic abstractions.</p>

Before teaching Contemporary Art Photography at liberal arts hippy-haven Reed College, Akihiko Miyoshi worked as a researcher for multinational technology and consulting firm IBM. With a background in computer engineering, the professor approaches photography with a unique perspective, placing emphasis on the possibilities afforded by digital technology.

Throughout the featured series Abstract Photographs, Miyoshi explores form, color and focus in relation to the photographer. Standing in front of a mirror covered in square-shaped hues, nothing more than a silhouette is ever visible in any one of his photographs. The series comments on the anonymity and elusive nature of a photographer while calling attention to the aestheticization of digital and analog errors.

Peep the photos below to see how the artist works himself into his take on digital glitch art.

Akihiko Miyoshi’s Statement

[Via The Curious Brain]