An Interactive Facebook Horror Movie Starring: You

<p>Why is this creepy guy looking at your account?</p>

Everyone wants to be in their own horror film, right? Either running around in the woods scared crapless by axe-wielding ghost children, denying horror conventions with a dose of postmodern smugness or getting your guts ripped open and devoured by the ravenous undead. And it’s one of those genres that befits low budgets and cheap thrills. So, that’d make your online social life, i.e. Facebook, perfect fodder to pillage and turn into a scary movie then.

Which is what LA-based director Jason Zada has done by creating an interactive short film called Take This Lollipop. The site delves into your profile and surfaces with photos and info that it uses for the plot—login and it begins with a sweaty guy in a vest looking at a monitor which—the horror—contains your profile! It’s actually quite hilarious seeing your photos and news feed and friends come up on screen, but it does also give you that creepy jolt of panic when something familiar is placed out of context. Probably best to experience alone on a full moon in a dark room at witching hour, with the neighbors’ dogs howling in the background.

To reveal any more of the narrative would spoil it, but it’s fun and, as all good horrors must, it has a subtext that addresses the concerns of the day: the horrifying reality of what exactly Facebook, Apple, Google and other companies are doing with our personal data.

[via New York Times]