An Inexpensive, Open Source, Pocket-sized Gaming Console Is Inches From Being A Reality

<p>The latest gaming device to seek funding on Kickstarter is the size of a <span class="caps">USB</span> drive.</p>

Among many creative accomplishments, the advent of Kickstarter has brought about a shot in the arm for experimental video game platforms and hardware. With two notable examples—the open source OUYA system and virtual reality comeback kid Oculus Rift—hitting their monetary goals out the park to achieve seven figure funds. The latest project that might well achieve the same kind of backing—it has $91,694 of its $100,000 goal with 28 days left—is called GameStick.

Billed as the “most affordable, open, and portable TV games console ever created,” the device is the size of a USB flash drive and has an HDMI connector than can plug into any TV with an HDMI slot. It comes with its own controller, which it fits inside, so it can be put in your pocket and carried around and potentially lost on the subway.

The console will cost $79 and will use Android as its operating system. The aim is to make games that are cheap tor free to acquire.

[via Gizmag]