Get Lost In An Immersive Symphony Celebrating The Science Of Speed

A trippy 360-degree A/V performance that aims to disorient and and destabilize the audience debuts at Mutek.

Last night marked the opening of the 14th edition of MUTEK in Montreal, an annual festival of digital creativity and experimental music, where the SAT premiered a new work DROMOS, an audiovisual performance created by the duo Mathieu Le Sourd (MAOTIK) and Eric Raynaud (FRACTION).

The performance is based on the philosophical concept of "dromology"—the science of speed—first described by theorist Paul Virilio, which questions the relationship between humans, technological advancements, and the rhythm of progress.

For forty minutes attendees are plunged into a 360-degree immersive universe where minimal and experimental sound textures converge and synchronize with sleek, dynamic visuals invoking the aesthetic of speed. The audience experiences a destabilizing environment where the media's flux evolves little by little and the time curve is gradually deconstructed to the point of complete inertia. 

GIF of DROMOS visuals

"Besides the projection, we use a 38.4 surround system and an LED light system to entice the audience to participate in a ceremony of acceleration, inevitable disintegration, and to get them to feel total confusion and disorientation," write the artists on the DROMOS website.

The content of the performance is created in real time using Derivative Touch Designer, and has been reworked and adapted to meet the technical requirements of Montreal's Satosphere dome.

"One of the biggest challenges was to perform visuals in this spherical environment. We needed to manipulate the 3D elements in real time, all the while maintaining synchronization with the other media." they say.

DROMOS will be performed several times during the festival, which runs through June 2nd. For those who aren't able to make it to Montreal, check out some pictures and GIFs of the piece below:

Photos and GIFs courtsey of Sébastien Roy