An Ephemeral Pool Filled With Lights In The Middle Of Madrid

<p>Luzinterruptus comments on urban renewal with their light installation.</p>

Art collective Luzinterruptus is all about sustainability and lights, and this simple statement reflects the basis of their philosophy: “We left our sparkles of light lit… for others to turn them off for us…” It was with this sentiment in mind that Luzinterruptus created one of their latest installations in Madrid, Spain.

Locals used to use this area in Madrid’s La Latina neighborhood for leisure until 2008, when a remodeling plan promised to turn it into a cultural center with sports facilities, a renovated public market, and a huge wooded area, rendering the existing swimming pool out of service, which it is, currently. In May of this year, rumors started to spread that the project had been modified and the place would become a shopping mall and a gourmet center that wouldn’t be affordable for the area’s current residents.

The mall is yet to be built, so the residents have been using the space area to promote free and open activities to whomever wants to join in. To remind locals of what was promised in 2008, Luzinterruptus came up with an installation called Pool on a background of Field of Barley, with two thousand transparent containers filled with blue-colored water and lights in a 6 × 4 square meter pool.

They used recycled materials thrown away by people who live and hang out there—everything was gathered in containers next to the Spanish square. It took them about a month to prepare the piece. When the time came to put it all together, the collective counted on the help of residents, including children, making the art process a fun activity. The "dry" ephemeral pool was exhibited for eight hours overnight, but those who didn't get a chance to see it onsite can take a look at these beautiful photos below, shot by Gustavo Sanabria.