An Elegant Book Of Animated Poetry

<p>Takahiro Kurashima&#8217;s <i>Poemotion</i> resembles digital art, but on paper.</p>

Before cellphones, the way to distract yourself from a boring lecture was to draw a slightly different stick figure on each page of your textbook, then flip book your way to a few precious seconds of crudely animated entertainment. Now, in an age we use laptops and cellphones in class and hand-drawn animation has become obsolete, Japanese graphic designer Takahiro Kurashima’s sophisticated moving images proves to the modern perception that traditional animation can still be deeply mesmerizing.

Unlike the similar artistic work associated with children’s books, Takahiro Kurashima’s Poemotion is a booklet composed of complex geometric forms. It uses the basic concept of persistence of vision by dividing up each frame of a movement into cells. With the help of a transparent piece of paper with black areas, gliding it back and forth across the page will reveal each group of cells to create a moving optical illusion. The result is like GIF art transposed from the digital world onto paper.

[Via: Prosthetic Knowledge]