An Array Of Animation Techniques Collide In "Permission To Explode"

<p>3D scanning, projections, <span class="caps">CGI</span>, stop motion&#8212;it&#8217;s all here.</p>

You might watch this video, a collaboration between musician Si Begg and Brighton-based design practice Atyp, and think it’s a music video. Well, it’s not. The creators make that clear in the copy, where they say it’s “Not a music video as such, more an experimental short intended to visually embody the sonic direction of the album.”

So what you get is two minutes of visual experimentation that combines a variety of animation techniques, from 3D scanning, projections, stop motion, scripting, live action, and CGI to create an assorted audiovisual journey. This mixing and layering of different media isn’t just there to look good, but it also reflects the multi-layered approach of Si Begg’s forthcoming EP Total Control.

[via Vimeo]