An Animation Inspired By Hitchcock And Armed With a Remington

<p>Jules Guérin&#8217;s noir short remembers a time when gun violence was way classier.</p>

What do typewriters and firearms have in common? For a time, both products were manufactured by Remington, a company that saw to America’s needs, both textual and artillery, through World Wars I and II, among other conflicts.

That tidbit of information gives context to the noir animation Remington Requiem by French illustrator and animator Jules Guérin. Scored with a song by Babx, Remington Requiem tells the story of a femme fatale carrying out a mission to kill a mysterious man wielding a knife while she’s rocking a Remington (and we don’t mean a typewriter). Guess who wins this duel.

The animation resembles the RJD2-scored opening theme of Mad Men, which was in turn inspired by Alfred Hitchcock‘s North by Northwest opening theme and Vertigo’s poster imagery.

If you like the vintage typewriter style, you can download some fonts for free.