Amorphous Sculptures From Sound And Vibrations

<p>Artists OpiumBlue and <span class="caps">ZIZIZIC</span> demonstrate sound three-dimensionally.</p>

Check out OpiumBlue and ZIZIZIC’s beautifully strange and intriguingly poke-worthy visual experimentation, Cymatics. What starts off as an undulating pool of non-Newtonian white fluid gradually coagulates into the inchoate birth of this awkwardly squirming, amorphous slop.

An ever-evolving sculpture structurally directed by auditory frequencies, this demonstration derives directly from the ingenious thought of Swiss medical doctor Hans Jenny, father of cymatics—the study of visible sound and vibration. With an etymological foundation from the Greek word for ‘wave,’ cymatics depicts the visible effects of maximum and minimum displacement from vibrations on physical matter. In their demonstration, artists OpiumBlue and ZIZIZIC use a subwoofer to materialize these different patterns emerging from the geometry of its vibrating plate and adjusted frequencies.

You can get down with some visible vibrations yourself by checking out this accessibly informative DIY Cymatics manual from Make Magazine’s Colin Cunningham.