Amidst The Chaos Of LAX Hangs A Cloud Of Serene Color

Ball-Nogues Studio's "Air Garden" hopes to offer a moment of tranquility in the hectic to and fro of a busy airport.

Amongst the hustle and chaos of LAX, a colorful island floats above the travellers. It's not a destination, but an art installation in the north light well of the airport called Air Garden, created by multidisciplinary artist Ball-Nogues Studio

The artwork is composed of colored, metallic bead chains and draped in hanging curves (also called catenaries), the beads reflect the different qualities of light as it changes throughout the day, turning it into a multicolored cloud as the light passes through. "Each one is a miniature convex mirror, capturing light from all corners of the space as well as from the adjacent balls," explain the studio on their site. "These voluminous brush strokes on a transclucent three dimensional canvas dissolve into washes of color then snap back into clear strokes with one's changing perspective."

So as you're hectically rushing through the terminal, late for your plane and sweating through the air conditioning, you can look up and pause for a moment and be at peace. At least, that's the idea. "The Air Garden is a serene moment amidst the hectic action and movement within the airport," the studio note. "[It's] a place for reflection and repose, an opportunity for the traveler to daydream."

Photos: Joshua White

h/t Design Boom 


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