Alma Alloro's GIFs Are Intricate Graph Paper Doodles Come To Life

<p>The <i>Further Abstract</i> series reminds us of the drawings which inattentive pupils doodle on notebook margins.</p>

Alma Alloro spends most of her time exploring the artistic space between old media and new media through her art, and the 8-bit music she creates under the moniker Bikecore. But it seems she gets plenty of time in to doodle in her graph paper notebook. Her recent GIF series entitled Further Abstract uses graph paper, a material with great nostalgic value for anyone who can remember scribbling out geometry problems in their school days. On her official website, her friend Gabriel S. Moses describes these animations with a depth that’s probably never been applied to GIFs before.

"Further Abstracts seems to be a forming contemporary statement on the classic theoretical and ideological assertions of Alloro's later studies in the Bauhaus University of Weimar, Germany. In pen drawings on architectural paper, later developed into short frenetic animation pieces, Alloro revives the Bauhaus movement's celebrated core symbols (the triangle, square, and circle), only to subvert their refined ideology of functional beauty. Replacing iconic solid colors with a hyper-saturated radiance, the bare technical grid-aesthetics of these corrupted Bauhaus designs render the modern myth of functionality obsolete. Lacking a decisive objective or directing ideology, Alloro's practice parades these founding modernistic national elements into an amusing low-tech salad of dysfunctional glitch. Just like the action of a frustrated web user, stubbornly re-clicking on a computer icon whose link is broken, the line between distinct function and abstract causality breaks down."

Either that, or they’re just really sweet looking GIFs. You decide.

Below is a selection of our favorites: