Alcohol Aware Glowing "Ice Cubes" Know When You've Had Enough To Drink

<p>Getting scolded by an ice cube would be a new low.</p>

No doubt you over did it on the booze over the holidays, and maybe you had one of those alcohol-induced blackouts because you drank too much egg nog and woke up on the living room floor with your family staring down at you sorrowfully shaking their heads. You may think it’s time to quit the sause—at least for a day or two. Well, a blackout experience happened to Dhairya Dand from MIT Media Lab, but instead of just moping about and feeling sorry for himself, he did something about it.

That something was to, naturally, create illuminated LED cubes that you can place in your drink, which also beat in time to music. OK, you might think, but how’s that going to stop him drinking? Because, as well as supplying him with an impromptu disco environment, they also change color depending on how many vodkas he’s downed and even text a buddy when the cubes think he’s had enough and is likely to be dancing on a table with a tie around his head.

Inside the cube is a circuit that tracks time and notes the number of sips, this is set in an edible jelly to create the “ice cubes,” which also react to ambient sounds. They then calculate when you’ve had enough tracking time passed and sips taken, turning red so you know when it’s time to “Go home Dhairya, you’re drunk.” If your judgement’s long gone, they text a friend if you’re continuing to hammer shots with no sign of letting up.

[via Hackaday]