Alba Prat's Fashion Line Channels Carsten Nicolai's Minimal Mathematical Music

<p>Outfits that match the mathematical aesthetic of electronic music.</p>

Music has historically inspired fashion, whether it’s the studs and chains of punk rock, the now-universal sense of hip-hop style, or the rave-inspired phat pants that we’d rather forget. Berlin-based designer Alba Prat takes a more direct inspiration from music, from one artist in particular.

Creator Carsten Nicolai‘s mathematical music inspired her to create her Syn Chron line. Prat’s deep appreciation for Nicolai’s work reflects in her statements about his compositions. “Known for his aesthetics of precision, his work lies at the intersection of art and science. He unites both fields together in form of sculpture, light, and sound installations creating a minimal, cold and technical atmosphere.”

In the spirit of data visualization, Prat based some of the Syn Chron designs on her own heartbeat. “I have recorded my heartbeat in two different situations and used special software to visualize it in distinctive abstract forms, which are the basis of my prints… The recording for the first print took place in a quiet situation. Through the graphic representation of its spectrogram I created the luminous digital print. For the other, I recorded my heartbeat directly after doing exercise. The transformation of the audio file into bits, the most basic digital data, is used to create the jacquard pattern.”

Her interpretations of Nicolai’s forms come out in understated designs, using basic colors in striking patterns. Perhaps Carsten Nicolai will trade in his chosen black for some of these threads…

Learn more about Carsten Nicolai’s music-making process in the video below…

[via Triangulation]