Afternoon Animation: Time-Lapse Video Of Icelandic Countryside Creates Glitchy Tableau

The Idyllic landscape transforms into a hyper-reality with new short film.

Having spent the morning researching Icelandic artist Siggie Eggertson's juxtaposition of Iceland's scenic beauty with a digital sensibility, we were drawn to photographer Stian Rekdal's hypnotizing time-lapse work, seen above. Rekdal created the short film during a September spent in the countryside of Iceland, compiling a mesmerizing time-lapse video of the Aurora Borealis, tide changes, and several other natural phenomena. While an under-whelming concept, the final product is impossible not to watch.

During the course of three weeks, the photographer drove nearly 5500km, taking more than 40000 photos on the way. Shot with Nikon cameras and lenses, post-processed with LRTimelapse, Adobe Lightroom and Adobe After Effects, the film comes together with the help of motion control sequences done with a Stage One dolly from Dynamic Perception and a Celestron Skywatcher pan/tilt head.

Set to music these naturally-occuring events take on a video game feeling, with surreal effect. 


'Chasing Time' by Dexter Britain

Licenced from TheMusicBed.com

Stian Redkal