Afternoon Animation: Escape A Cold Thursday On A Pillow Of Rainbow Clouds

Artist Charles Bergquist whisks us to his psychedelic summerland with "It Is Dark..."

It is dark... from Charles Bergquist.

Per reader request, today we bring you the lushly evocative work of San Diego based artist Charles Bergquist. Above, Berquist takes us on psychadelic journey full of pop art images, fire breathing models, and technicolor dreamscapes.

Working with mediums ranging from film to animation to design, Bergquist is the full swiss army knife of visualry. Below, check out some of our favorite work from this talented creator:

Everyday Project- "A personal project, consisting of an image everyday. Each image is something that would otherwise go un-posted from my daily experimenting. There are years of images, and motion tests." 

Official music video for Tycho's "Ascension."

Press photography for the return of Audion ( Matthew Dear ) in 2013.

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