Aerial Photos Capture San Francisco's Nightlife from 7,200 Feet

Vincent LaForet soars over San Francisco for the third installment in his 'AIR' aerial photography series.

For Above The Clouds & Undulating Hills, the latest installment of his onging AIR photo series, Vincent LaForet, who in the past showed us Las Vegas from 10,800' in the air, uses his cutting-edge stabilized camera system to capture aerial snapshots of San Francisco from 7,200 feet above ground. "Flying over San Francisco is daunting," he writes in a blog post. "Unlike New York City and Vegas that have clear borders, this is a city that never seems to end. And I frankly think I've only scratched the surface so far." 

Alongside the release of AIR's third installment, LaForet has announced a book in which you'll be able to check out all of his glowing skylines. Grab it on presale here, soar over San Francisco in more of LaForet's transfixing images below, then go behind the scenes of the photoshoot: 

Project Air - San Francisco BTS February 2015 from Vincent Laforet on Vimeo.


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