Aerial Photographer Captures the Alien Beauty of Earth

Photographer Alexander Heilner documents symmetries and amoebic designs in 'Aerial Landscapes.'

Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, U.A.E., a

What remains when sounds, smells, and textures fall away? With well-framed evidence taking the form of his ongoing series of Aerial Landscapes, photographer and professor Alexander Heilner answers this abstract question expertly. Cramped in the cabins of small planes and helicopters, as Heilner trawls over Utah, Dubai, Florida, Nevada, and more, he zeroes in on accidental, amoebic designs, symmetries, and color gradients. As Heilner tells The Creators Project, "This isn't so much a single project as one significant facet of an obsession with natural and human-built environments that goes back 23 years at this point. [And] more is on tap for later this summer."

Intrepid Potash Mine, near Moab, Utah

Emirates Estates, Dubai, U.A.E.

Intrepid Potash Mine, near Moab, Utah

Cape Coral, Florida 

Intrepid Potash Mine, near Moab, Utah


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