Loop Findr Targets The Most GIF-able Moments Of Any Video

This user-friendly OS program finds the perfect moment in videos to loop into viral infinity.

Andrew Nunes

While supercuts and GIFs are as popular as ever, people are constantly seeking new ways to enhance the formats to their full potential. Loop Findr is an new GIF-making program by creative technologist Collin Burger that seeks to help users make video loops easier than ever before. The software searches through user-submitted videos and identifies every instance where a clip can be turned into a perfect, endlessly repeating loop or GIF.

While the program is currently limited to video clips the user has already downloaded onto their computer, Burger seeks to change the software to a fully-fledged website. He voiced his goals for the future of Loop Findr: 

“Rather than focus on improving this openFrameworks implementation of Loop Findr, I will investigate the potential of implementing a web-based version so that it might reach as many people as possible. I envision a website where users might be able to just supply a YouTube link and have any potential loops extracted and given back to them. Additionally, I would like to employ the algorithm along with some web crawling and find loops in video streams on the Internet or perhaps just scrape popular video hosting websites for loops.”

Accompanying the software, Burger has provided a video showing Loop Findr’s simple interface and the many capabilities of the program.

You can download Loop Findr through this Dropbox link. More of Burger’s work including a Space Invader-esque game about breakups is available on his website, as well.

h/t Prosthetic Knowledge


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