"Nordic Outbreak": An Exhibit That Redefines The Aesthetic Of The Nordic Art

<p>Contemporary Nordic artists team up with Streaming Museum to present an internationally touring exhibit curated for public spaces.</p>

Kate Masaracchio

The nomads have gone digital. Working with the idea of artworks as files, capable of trekking across great digital plains and virtual seas, settling themselves in various formats on different platforms, more than 30 contemporary Nordic artists have come together to shine light "on the Nordic as a diverse aesthetic and existential concept in the digital age."

An internationally touring exhibition, “Nordic Outbreak” presents art-enthusiasts and digital mavens alike with a look at multi-media and moving image arts exhibited and projected in public spaces around New York City and the world.

This experimental project is presented by Streaming Museum, a 21st century cultural venue based in New York City. With the mission to spread and share art and ideas through the internet and their ever expanding network of big screens in public squares worldwide, Streaming Museum serves as the perfect venue for the artists behind “Nordic Outbreak” to challenge the organic and minimal aesthetic for which Nordic art has been viewed under for years.

Jeannette Ehlers’ “Black Bullets” is a tribute to revolt. Image via Streaming Museum

The animated film “In the Crack of the Land” by artist Una Lorenzen, was inspired by the Icelandic highlands. Image via Streaming Museum

Hannu Karjalainen’s “Toward and Architect” serves as a critical response to the work of architect and urbanist Le Corbusier. Image via Streaming Museum

Artist Miia Rinne painted on a 100 m long 35 mm film to create the film paintingSEA.” Image via Streaming Museum

The exhibit in its entirety will launch officially in New York City March 31st–April 6th, but a month-long lead up to the event has already started. On March 1st “Nordic Outbreak” arrived in Times Square with a screening of Björk’s video, “Mutual Core,” directed by Creator Andrew Thomas Huang.

Right before midnight, every night in March, the video will play as part of a synchronized program on over fifteen of the largest digital signs in Times Square. The screening serves as both a prelude launch to “Nordic Outbreak” and a "Midnight Moment" presentation done by the Times Square Advertising Coalition and Time Square Arts. The video was specifically edited for the program and is part of Björk's Biophilia series.

“Nordic Outbreak” will not only manifest in New York public spaces, but will also put on a series of programs and events, including a symposium at Scandinavia House with Nordic artists, curators and theorists. And at the end of its NYC launch week, the exhibition will pick up its digital files and continue its exploratory journey, stopping in cultural centers and public spaces within the Nordic region throughout the year.

h/t to our friend Xavier from Babes at the Museum, one of the project’s partners. Follow him on Twitter at @museumbabes.