Adorable Little Monster Traverses The Streets Of Tokyo, Mystifies Drunk Man In This Short Film

<p>Directorial team TWiN merges real life and animation in this enchanting short film.</p>

Isn’t it kind of funny that the two types of fictional characters Japan is best known for are a) the gigantic robots and reptiles of old monster flicks and b) the tiny, adorable, pastel-colored, blinking dudes that squeak and stumble their way into our hearts? This short film by directorial team TWiN (brothers Jonathan and Josh Baker) takes its name from the former and applies it to the latter.

“Kaiju” typically refers to the Godzilla type of monster, but in this case it’s the name for a little guy with a light in his chest who falls out of a vending machine and into the streets of Tokyo. He wanders around town for a bit before running into a guy who is either easily fooled or so inebriated that he’s hallucinating.

One of the most remarkable things about this short is that the animated character Kaiju moves within actual footage of the city and even interacts with little items in the scenes. Not to mention, the light in his chest actually shines onto actual physical objects as well. No wonder that guy thought he was real.