Acrylic Paintings Embedded With LEDs Ponder The Value Of Our Personal Possessions

<p>Haerang Im interprets faded memories through a series of washed out illuminations.</p>

Every day, we live with and through our possessions. Even with such mundane items as a hairbrush or a mirror, time is spent, experiences are lived and memories are made. And beyond whatever learned significance we have applied to these objects, each and every one of them holds its own moments of existence.

Korean artist Haerang Im observes the unique, but faint, memories she has attached to her personal objects and manifests these relationships through her series Objects of Time. Not quite as vividly neon as Creator Kong Lingnan‘s works but still strikingly comparable, Im’s works comprise acrylic paint on fiberboard with implanted LEDs. Using subjects of familiar objects from her daily life, the artist gives us a blurry peek into her world. She explains that as these objects hold various moments in her mind, the recalls of these memories are faded and intermixed. She questions the physicality of time and shows this through her washed out paintings of objects that are at once evanescent and forever vivid in her mind.

Objects of Time – Trunk (2012)

Objects of Time – Dresser (2012)

Objects of Time – Mouse (2012)