Silk Scarves Let You Drape Yourself in Abstract Art

You'll look like a work of art when draped in Sam Chirnside & Emily Gillis's 'Same Silks.'

The lustrous prints of Australian-born, Brooklyn-based artist and designer Sam Chirnside employ a range of dramatic, heavy brushstrokes made using a psychedelic color pallet. The rich textures of his multi-planed patterns and glowing pigments capture violently majestic and alluring gestures. There is something almost aquatic about them; the power and weight of his brushstrokes surge like a crashing wave and roar like ocean currents.

Now, you can wrap these pastel distortions around your neck. Late last year, Chirnside teamed up with fellow Aussie designer, Emily Gillis, to start premium wearable art label, Same Silks. The two worked collaboratively whilst in school back in Melbourne, but the idea of Same Silks came about after they had both moved to the city. Chirnside tells The Creators Project, “Although our personal styles differ greatly, we have always shared an appreciation for modernist aesthetics and fashion. Same Silks became a natural extension from our design practices that gave us the ability to explore the intersection between our personal styles. It also created an outlet for us that crossed boundaries with fashion & art.”

The vision of the label formed quite organically, according to Chirnside. Both oversee every aspect of the process and have input from initially creating the base collection artworks to art directing shoots. The creative duo tells The Creators Project, “We hope to inspire and reinterpret what is to be perceived as a traditional silk scarf.”

Since he's been stateside, Chirnside’s work has been used on campaigns for brands including Nike, Red Bull, and Converse. He’s been commissioned to do cover art for rappers Danny Brown, Mr. Carmack, and Kehlani. You can check out some of his personal artworks below:



Higher Realms

Order your own scarves from Same Silks here. To see more from Sam Chirnside, click here.


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