A Vitruvian Man For The Digital Age

<p>Well-defined muscles and ideal proportions are replaced by triangulated, videomapped shapes.</p>

Striking a Jesus Christ pose, this audio visual installation Innovates from Belgium-based designers Konstruktiv ponders what it means to be human in the digital age.

Standing there with his arms outstretched and his body a flashing geometric abstraction, he’s taken up the aesthetic of computer graphics, his form composed of triangulated shapes instead of proportioned flesh and muscles as his virtual body is videomapped onto him.

They explain:

Audio visual light canvas installation that explores depth / perspective & illusions of perception. Like the title of the installation describes – this is a representation of the next step in human evolution – We call this ‘Innovates’ – People who try to innovate and create new paths and opportunities. With this installation Konstruktiv tries to inspire the audience with thoughts about their own perspectives and possibilities in life and about themselves as humans living in 2012.