A Typical London Pub Is Brought To Lurid Life In Rotoscoped Animation The Pub

<p>Joseph Pierce&#8217;s short film is a spot on portrayal of the strange beings that lurk in a Camden bar.</p>

If you’ve had the experience of a London pub in the day time then you’ll know they can be a place full of eccentric people inebriated beyond their means. And Joseph Pierce’s animation The Pub perfectly captures the uneasy atmosphere that can sometimes permeate these drinking establishments, in what he calls an “almost zoological observation of the characters who flow through the bar”.

Using rotoscoping it was filmed on location in Camden using events and dialogue from real life to throw a surreal eye over this cast of characters. The live action is augmented with the cartoonish and outlandish additions of Pierce’s animation which unveils the character’s true natures behind their social masks—it’s a style which can be funny, poignant, eerie, and disturbing.

All the usual suspects from a London pub are here, from the desperate booze hound staggering around trying to get served, to the yobbish football fans, threateningly intense local, and the tourists out for that authentic London experience. It’s a tragic-comic tale which, through its use of the fantastical, manages to encapsulate the often dysfunctional reality of London pub life.

[via Vimeo]