A Troll, Zombies, Robots, Dinosaurs, And A Spider-Man Duvet Cover All Featured In This Insane Music Video

<p>Richard Payne&#8217;s video for Skism&#8217;s track &#8220;Experts&#8221; is intense.</p>

SKisM - Experts (Official Video) from Richard Payne on Vimeo.

You barely get a minute to blink when watching this ferociously-paced music video directed by Richard Payne for dubstepper Skism‘s track “Experts.” It’s packed full of references from Spider-Man bed covers to zombies, robots, dinosaurs, and Hadouken-style power attacks.

The intense narrative starts off with a bedroom dweller trolling Skism on YouTube, before the troll gets sucked into his computer screen to answer for his cyber crimes. Once inside, he takes down Skrillex and an army of the undead before doing battle with a glowing-eyed Skism, who turns into a giant techno-spider and rains down a hail of bullets turning the troll into a smoking skeleton. Phew.

[via Vimeo]