A Trampoline Bridge Is Just So Much Better Than A Regular Bridge

<p>A French architecture firm has come up with the best method we have seen yet for crossing a river.</p>

Transportation has grown more effective in recent years, sure, but has it gotten more fun? While that might not be a priority for infrastructure and urban planners, who are more concerned with aspects of function and sustainability (yawn!), French architecture firm Atelier Zündel Cristea conceived of a bridge that gets you over the river with a series of bounces. As part of the competition A Bridge In Paris, the team designed this trampoline bridge, upon which you can bounce your way across the river. Let’s hope you’re not carrying a briefcase.

No longer will Parisians have to trudge their way over the Seine, all dismal and sad. Now they can just remove their shoes and bounce across on a short series of 30-meter trampolines, hoping they don’t collide with a complete stranger, or worse yet, and awkward acquaintance. Either way, there’s lots to be gained from the occasional “joyful release from gravity.”