A Toy Travels To California Via Google Street View

<p>A bored toy journeys across the US in this stop motion animation.</p>

When Google released their Street View application, they probably didn’t expect it to be appropriated by artists. But, like most things, it has been. Whether it’s being turned into found art, inspiring Solaris remakes or pixelated fashion statements, artists have taken to this virtual world view like Dadaists to everyday objects.

That said, it was only a matter of time before someone made a stop motion animation using images from Google’s Eye of Sauron. Director Tom Jenkins employs the application in his short Address Is Approximate to tell the familiar tale of a lonesome desk toy who, to escape the drudgery of its office-bound existence, journeys to the Pacific Coast via the medium of panoramic digital images. Something we all do. This is the little guy’s heartfelt tale….