A Rundown Of The Enthralling Art Installations At The Creators Project: Beijing 2012

<p>We threw a big party in Beijing for two days that featured art, movie screenings, artist talks, and live performance.</p>

After the sonically jam-packed first day of The Creators Project: Beijing 2012, which featured performances from James Murphy, Chromatics, and Real Estate, day two of the event welcomed thousands of visitors to an exhibition showcasing incredible works from an array of international artists at the intersection of art and technology. Here are some highlights from the event:

“Watching the Rain” by Lou Nanli a.k.a. B6

Beginning in the main area of the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, electronic-musician-turned-new-media-artist Lou Nanli, also known as B6, debuted his sensorially immersive art installation, which invites viewers into a torrential rainstorm. Watching the Rain induces a powerful, true-to-life experience that inspired a visitor to remark, "Never have I sat in pouring rain without getting wet!". You wouldn’t believe it, but we even spotted someone holding up an umbrella while experiencing this piece.

“OctoCloud” by SuperUber

After a refreshing indoor rain shower, viewers walked into SuperUber's gallery to participate in the beautifully constructed and highly addictive interactive game installation OctoCloud. Visitors used their mobile phones to “fling” virtual balls onto the sculpture, which would trigger beautiful animations when they hit key targets on the sculpture’s surface.

Special Collection: Alpha Lyrae by Vega Zaishi Wang + UFO Media Lab

Next door, China's leading multimedia art collective UFO Media Lab and fashion designer Vega Zaishi Wang came together to present Alpha Lyrae, a special collection inspired by astrological constellations. Immersed in the ambient music composed by Carsick Cars front man Zhang Shouwang, the room pulsed with images from the projection mapping by UFO as Wang's garments interpreted symbols of the universe.

“The Day of Perpetual Night” by Yang Yongliang

Yang Yongliang's video installation The Day of Perpetual Night absorbed viewers into an intricate, contemporary Chinese landscape embedded with countless miniature stories of modern Chinese cities in a nine minute video loop, with an unexpected twist toward the end.

“It’s Real, ’That’s Fake’” by Kong Lingnan

Kong Lingnan's piece tested the viewers’ perception by placing an upward tilted mirror at the end of a white room, challenging them to step across a few LED-illuminated barriers to see their own reflection.

#Creators Live by Intel Labs + Social Print Studio

The #Creators Live installation encouraged visitors to express themselves through social media, driving the piece with their interactions. "There is an interactive intimacy and positive sense of presence when you share your life and feelings with others," one visitor responded as she scrolled through the pictures.

“The Treachery of Sanctuary” by Chris Milk

One of the best-known pieces from The Creators Project events, Chris Milk’s Treachery of Sanctuary became an instant audience favorite. Eager visitors crowded around the piece to witness the bewitching transformations each panel in the triptych induced.

Photos by: Zhuang Yan