A Record Player Gets Augmented With Abstract Sculptures In Queens Of The Stone Age's "Broken Box"

<p>Digital forms sync with riffs in this music video from Vince Ream.</p>

A record spinning around a turntable will be a familiar image to many, but this music video, from Vince Ream for Queens Of The Stone Age’s “Broken Box” augments it and turns it into a canvas for all manner of 3D sculptures that visualize the guitar riffs and drum kicks of the track, shot in a stereoscopic style.

We’re used to seeing audiovisual mergings with electronic music, but not so much with the more guitar-heavy stuff, so it’s nice to see motion graphics synced with rock, together at last—from circles to nuclear-style mushroom cloud explosions, to jello towers and lyrics from the band’s song.

Ream says on his website, “I wanted to make an instrumental video with a rock track. This track f**king rocks. I hope you like it.” And we do—because sometimes a good music video can be as simple as abstract shapes spinning around a record.

[via Vimeo]