A Music-Making Tool Designed Like A Rubik's Cube

<p>MusixCube is a concept that lets you remix music using the interaction of a Rubik&#8217;s Cube.</p>

MusixCube from Stefan Horak on Vimeo.

Most of us remember, or are at least aware of, the Rubik’s Cube, the kid’s toy that meant hours of frustration and eventual failure as you tried to match the colors. The only way to beat it was to spend your entire childhood playing it or take all the colored stickers off and put them back on again as blocks.

As frustrating as it was, the concept of endlessly being able to mix the different colors is a nice idea for a tool to make electronic music. This is the concept that’s been thought up by student Hauke Scholz from the Muthesius Academy Of Fine Arts And Design with his MusixCube. Using the same mechanics as a Rubik’s Cube, the device would allow you to turn the cubes to create near-endless musical combinations.

The idea is for the device, which features drum pads and MIDI controllers, is to be used in conjunction with software like Ableton Live and Logic. By turning and twisting the OLED-screens, you can sequence samples and trigger effects, along with making loops using pre-assigned sounds, and even using the device for live performance.

[via DVICE]